The Designer’s Republic

TDR™ Car Booty Affair - Nothing is forever, Everything must go.

October 2012

The Designer’s Republic took over A Month of Sundays with a very different kind of show- a sale of artifacts rather than a collection of art, but a rare glimpse into the TDR™ archives and a response to the increasing demand for their ‘femme fatale ephemera and fairytale finds’. The gallery was filled with a collection of pieces available to buy from the most influential graphic design and communication agencies on the planet and offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for visitors to purchase a piece of design history.

TDR™ showcased work dating all the way back to 1986, from Warp Records and Pulp to Wipeout and Gatecrasher. Rare t-shirts, records, flyers, posters, books and other hidden treasures. Large format battle-scarred pieces from previous shows from 1986 to now, and from Barcelona, New York, Tokyo, Philadelphia, Paris and Croydon to right here, North of Nowhere. Rare tees and twelves and formats for PWEI, The Orb, Warp, Wipeout, Pulp plus flyposters, promo, flyers from Club Superman and Jive Turkey to NY Sushi and Gatecrasher, for the discerning culture collector, philanthropist and general nosy parker. As well as a concise history of what dance music, electronica, post Wipeout gaming and Sheffield have looked like over the last 25 years, there was a TDR™ jukebox Pho-Ku selected from releases drenched in TDR™ art, looped screenings of historic TV interviews with Ian Anderson, and people just like you.

About TDR™

The Designers Republic (TDR™ for short) is a graphic design studio, founded on 14 July 1986 by Ian Anderson, and based in Sheffield England It was known for its anti-establishment aesthetics, while simultaneously embracing brash consumerism and the uniform style of corporate brands, such as Orange, Warp Records and Coca-Cola.

In 2006 and 2008 TDR™ was identified as one of the UK's 100 coolest brands by the British Council.

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