Florence Blanchard - New Brigantia

‘a Month of Sundays’ were excited to present an exhibition of new works by Florence ‘Ema’ Blanchard - one of the first female artists in French graffiti. Having exhibited throughout the world, this is her first solo show in the Steel City. 

NEW BRIGANTIA is an imaginary land inspired by the life of the Brigantes. Who, lead by their queen and protected by the goddess Brigantia, occupied the Yorkshire region of England during the Iron Age.

Rather than providing historical accuracy, this new body of work gives shape and form to a fantastical universe where supernatural forces entangle to create both chaos and order. Mixing surrealism with popular culture, her work represents visions tinged with sensuality and mystery and invite us to gather for a moment between dream and reality.

Born in the south of France, Ema spent the past ten years in New York where she took part in key Hip-Hop events and gained recognition for her art. She recently participated to the Underbelly Project (New York), TED Women's conference (Washington) and Art Basel (Miami). Now Sheffield had a chance to see her work. 

Artist and gallery owner Pete McKee said "I love Ema's work. It's fantastic that my gallery has got the opportunity so show one of the rising stars of the international art scene.

‘I love the mystical beauty of her work, which is modern and cutting edge but has a flavour of early European cinema."



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