Mick Marston - Outlook Gloomy, With Bright Intervals

August-September 2012

Award-winning illustrator Mick Marston brought his distinctive and imaginative screen prints to A Month of Sundays with ‘Outlook Gloomy, With Bright Intervals’. The exhibition featured work that draws upon memories, thoughts, bits of useful (and useless) information, pictures, paranoia, songs and stories.

Mick explains the ethos behind the exhibition;

‘The images in this show are primarily the result of the current economic climate – not particularly in terms of imagery or subject matter but more in the fact that i've had time on my hands. I'm an illustrator, an unashamed commercial artist, what does an illustrator do when the commissions stop coming in – after all the first things to disappear in a recession are inventive advertising and bespoke images?’

Visitors to the gallery were treated to a visual feast of bold design, charming characters and clever colour combinations. Pete McKee said of the show, 'each illustration not only sits as a beautiful work of art but also shines with wit and invention.' The exhibition was a great success, giving gallery-goers an opportunity to view and buy work from Mick, whose clients have included Atlantic Records, The Guardian and Penguin books.

About Mick Marston

Yorkshire born, Mick exhausted his early ambitions of Premiership football or rock stardom and graduated from Leeds Metropolitan a fully fledged designer. Moving straight into commercial illustration the commissioning world embraced him with high profile jobs and exhibitions both sides of the pond.

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