The Snog Mural Is Back!

The Snog Mural Is Back!

Sheffield's favourite couple was originally painted on the side of Fagan's for the 'Joy of Sheff' Exhibition back in 2013. 11 years later, Frank and Joy were in need of some TLC and this week, Pete managed to paint the mural back onto the pub. Here is the new and improved 'Snog.'

'It was great to get the opportunity to repaint The Snog. After gracing the wall of Fagan's for the past 11 years, they were really starting to look their age so a revamp was definitely in order! I took the opportunity to give Joy a new hair do and get her a new coat. The mural looks lovely and vibrant now and is set for the next 20 years (and more, hopefully).' - Pete McKee

There is also a new version of the print of The Snog. Which is available now from the online store.


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