New Spring / Summer Collection - The Soundtrack To My Wardrobe

New Spring / Summer Collection - The Soundtrack To My Wardrobe

The Soundtrack To My Wardrobe

Available Now!

A new collection of paintings, products and limited editions from Pete McKee celebrating our love affair with music, fashion and vinyl.

Artist Pete McKee is delighted to share this new collection which will be available to view and buy online from Friday 26th April. Four new paintings depicting iconic albums and the fashion they have inspired sit alongside a new slip mat, tote bag, pint glass and a limited edition 7” box set, featuring the collection of prints from the ‘Teenage Kicks’ exhibition.

Teenage Kicks - The 7” Vinyl Collection
This limited edition box set features all 20 prints from the 2010 exhibition ‘Teenage Kicks’ which Pete showed during the spring of 2010 with Paul Smith in Japan. Teenage Kicks is a celebration of our love affair with music and how certain genres have inspired us to dress.

These 7” prints are presented in their own individual record sleeves, each chosen to reflect the bands with which the fashion movement was associated. There is also an introduction card which is signed and numbered by the artist. Finally they all fit inside a 7” record box which is adorned with McKee stickers.

This boxset is limited to just 50 copies, 25 red and 25 in a black record box. 

War Paint - Tote Bag
A lovely bright yellow cotton tote featuring the image ‘High Brow’ is printed in a shocking pink. The reverse lists some iconic female musicians and artists who are all trailblazers in Pete’s eyes.

Hair of the Dog - Pint Glass
Music, beer and pubs go hand in hand really, whether it is watching a band in a small venue or just listening to your favourite records in a pub. These chunky pint glasses will look great with your favourite tipple in them. Each is presented in its own branded box, making them a perfect gift.

A Case For Vinyl - Slipmat 
The slip mat has now become a McKee favourite, and why not? Everyone’s record player looks that much better with a piece of artwork on it. This new mat features the image ‘A Case For Vinyl’ from the ‘Thud Crackle Pop’ exhibition and comes in a striking yellow and black record cover

New paintings!

Pete has produced four new paintings for this collection too. We will reveal more details on these next week, but from top to bottom is; Rude Boy Out Of School, Finding My Identity and Past and Present at the top of the article is the 4th painting Post-Punk Party Bag. Please email us for further information on owning any of these originals.


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