ACME Archives - Cartoons will Ruin your Brain

October 2011-November 2011

2011 saw the opening of an exciting new exhibition at a Month of Sundays - ‘Cartoons Will Ruin Your Brain’, in association with ACME Archives. A celebration of all things animated, the exhibition contained production sketches, animation cells and original artworks ranging from classic Simpsons moments to Futurama, Family Guy and American Dad. It was the first time ACME had exhibited in Sheffield and cartoon fan Pete McKee was excited to bring the never-before-seen works to his gallery.

‘As a young lad my Dad took me to an exhibition of cell art from Walt Disney at the Western Park Museum in Sheffield and it changed my life forever.

Cartoons are a true art form worthy of being hung in the finest galleries across the globe. For now they will have to make do with my humble gallery, and I for one am very happy about that.’

Visitors to the exhibition were treated to Pete’s pick of the archives and to original artworks of characters from Bender the robot to Peter Griffin.

About Acme Archives

Acme Archives Ltd. is a multi-service, publisher of fine art specializing in art produced and inspired by the entertainment industry. From Microsoft's Halo brand to The Walt Disney company Acme Archives Ltd. produces interpretive artwork from popular culture's top properties under its various licenses. Acme has been fortunate to have worked with some of the world's top filmmakers, animators, and artists to create a portfolio of art unlike any other. Acme Archives Ltd. was founded as and is part of the Verbata, Inc family of companies in 1996 and has seen steady growth since.

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