The McKee Gallery Is Moving

The McKee Gallery Is Moving

Pete has some exciting news to share with you. This Summer he will be moving the McKee gallery, which has stood on Sharrow Vale Road for over 13 years to the new Leah’s Yard development in Sheffield City centre.

Pete is the first tenant to be announced for this grade II listed development in the Heart of the city. "I’ve been very proud to have been present for Sharrow Vale Rd’s growth into one of Sheffield’s independent shopping districts. Over the 13 years I’ve been there I’ve seen the street blossom into a bustling network of independent shops, cafés, restaurants, bars, and food outlets.

However, now I believe it’s time to move on and embrace a new beginning in one of Sheffield’s historical jewels – Leah’s Yard. When I first read of its re-discovery in the heart of Sheffield and the plan to renovate the network of Little Mesters, I knew that it was where I wanted my gallery to be.

The development has taken great pains to retain as much of the heritage of the building as possible and it looks stunning. I’m incredibly proud of the Sheffield heritage my family, and many others over the generations, have been a part of. So, to be able to place my gallery where once the Artisans of Sheffield produced their wares was an opportunity I couldn’t resist.

I believe in Sheffield and its ability to adapt and thrive and the town centre is currently going through a metamorphosis. Soon, it will free of the cocoon of scaffolding and building sites and will be able to open its wings once more. But it won’t shine like our famous steel if we don’t support it. That’s why I wanted to move to the city centre to help be a part of our beautiful city’s new beginning – where we forge our own future and don’t look to be a poor copy of our neighbours up the M1 and over the Snake." - Pete McKee

Leah’s Yard, which is currently undergoing the final stages of its renovation, breathing life back into its patchwork of buildings, is gearing up for opening in summer 2024. We will have further news on opening dates in the new year.

Until then you can follow the Leah’s Yard journey across social media: Instagram, Facebook and X: @leahsyard

It does mean that the property on Sharrow Vale Road is now up for let. If you are interested in taking on the space. please speak to our lovely landlords through this website.

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