Pete's Christmas Message

The central heating is on full blast and my chestnuts are all toasty warm. I've got a mug of tea and a newly opened bumper box of teatime assortment biscuits in front of me, waiting to be dunked. Frank is eyeing up the custard creams, neither of us fancy the pink wafers, they will have to wait till things get desperate and they're the only biscuits left in the house. Before we both slip into a blissful snooze while watching 'A Charlie Brown Christmas' we'd like to wish you all a happy Christmas and a wonderful new year.

Christmas seems to be about rituals, I guess it gives us that feeling of safety and comfort we like to achieve at this time of year. The one ritual I have is setting time aside to watch a Laurel and Hardy classic, while tucking into a cold cut sandwich and home made pickled onions. Once i've done this I can securely feel that christmas has arrived and all is well.

As a child and into my teenage years the ritual was to get an annual which my dad let me open on xmas eve night to help me get to sleep. It began with Beano annuals and over the years progressed to Asterix and finally on to Tin Tin adventures. Those annuals still hold pride of place on my book shelf and it's reassuring to know that someone somewhere will receive one of these books for the first time and fall in love with story telling and beautiful art.

This year saw the launch of my biggest exhibition to date ‘6 weeks to eternity’, which I wouldn't have been able to put together without the help of my wonderful team, a load of talented creatives and all those who I leant on for support and help. I felt everyone needed a lift and I wanted to produce a show that brought a smile to everyones faces, myself and team McKee fully intend to keep this spirit going though the next year and there are some fantastic projects lined up for 2017.

Until then have a lovely Christmas and we will see you all next year.

Pete and Frank x

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