A Very McKee Album Cover

A Very British Synthesizer Group is the ultimate Human League Anthology, a retrospective of the bands carrier. Pete was asked to design the artwork for this very special album, which features 25 unreleased tracks, all the videos and 24 BBC performances as well as a 58 page book about the band. Here is what Pete said about the album:

"The Human League’s look was totally unique and innovative and it also provided one of those jaw dropping moments on Top of the Pops that made your Dad angry but inspired you. The League were unashamedly a pop band but also had that edge that made them credible, The girls were no-nonsense working class lasses who became fashion icons in their own right, make up, hair and clothes were imitated in night clubs and youth clubs across the country but few boys dared to copy Phil's hair and stiletto heels. It was a pleasure to work on the artwork for this fantastic anthology. I wanted to capture the League as the style and fashion icons who had such an impact on so many of us during the 80’s.”

A Very British Synthesizer Group is a four-disc sound and vision anthology It covers the entire history of the group from the earliest incarnation to the phenomenon that was Dare and all that happened in its wake. The incredibly successful left turn of working with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, the return to being a glorious live act and the glamorous robotic pop of 2011’s Credo album. The album is released world wide this Friday 18th November.

We have a small stock of the 3CD / 1 DVD edition of the album available from the gallery and online this Friday from 10am. These are signed by Pete and priced at £80. 

We also have copies of the 2CD version available however these are not signed by Pete.

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