Frank & Joy – a Love Story

Frank & Joy – a Love Story

The new exhibition from Pete McKee celebrating one couple’s love for each other and the connection to their local.

The words: “Till the end of our days, I will love you forever.” are taken from a poem written by Pete McKee to accompany his 2013 work The Snog. The couple featured in this, now iconic, landmark mural are Frank and Joy and their story lies at the centre of the artist’s latest exhibition.

This show tells the story of two working class everyday people and explores how all the most important parts of their lives revolved around their local pub and the people who were part of this community. The work in this exhibition is about relationships, not only between people but, between a pub and the community it can create.

The exhibition runs from Saturday 4th November – Sunday 19th November at Trafalgar Warehouse in Sheffield. Part of the exhibition is interactive, therefore booking is required.

Tickets are priced at £7 for adults and £5 for children aged 12-18 (plus booking fees). Children under the age of 12 and assistant carers do not require a ticket but must visit with a full priced adult. Tickets are available now and can be booked through the website.

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