Best of Sheff - The new book from Pete McKee

Pete McKee is pleased to announce the details of his latest book. ‘Best of Sheff’ is his definitive guide to the city, the people, the places and the culture. This 92 page hardback book features work from Pete’s past Sheffield exhibitions ’22 Views of Sheffield’ and ‘The Joy of Sheff’ as well as rare and unseen pictures and sketches from the last ten years.

The book also features a forward by Sheffield legend and longtime friend of Pete’s, Richard Hawley. The story of ‘Frank and Joy’ also appears in the book, a tale of two lovers from the city, you may have seen them on the side of the pub Fagans in Sheffield city centre. This is the first time their story has been published.

Here is what Pete says about the collection featured in the book…

“You know you love a city when you never want to leave.

The people of Sheffield forge my work, craft my ideas and are the industrious palette that colours my brush. I’m proud to be called a Sheffielder. Our music and industry are known throughout the world. People who come to live here seldom leave – they too become captivated by its spell.

I hope this collection of my Sheffield work will fill you with the pride I feel for this city and the people who live here. And if you’re not a Sheffielder I hope it makes you want to live here. This is my definitive guide to Sheffield, the Best of Sheff.”

Best of Sheff is available now

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