This Is England Figures By Pete McKee

Pete McKee, Warp Films and Big Arty present 

This is Lol and Woody

New limited edition ‘This Is England’ art figures 

Pete McKee, Warp Films and Big Arty are pleased to announce the details of their latest collaboration, featuring two of the stars from This Is England. The limited edition figure of Lol and Woody is now available to order online. 

Since January 2015 Pete has been working on this project alongside Warp Films and Big Arty the companies that created This Is England, to produce these art figures in his own unique style. Lol and Woody are one of the UK’s favourite on screen couples and Pete has taken inspiration for the designs from the original Shane Meadows feature film.

Here is what Pete said about the project; “Watching the This is England gang since the beginning feels like you have grown up with your best mates. Woody and Lol are like your favourite aunt and uncle, you know you can rely on them to help you out and they'll let you kip on the sofa anytime you need to crash. Their love for each other is heart warming and you know they'll be together through thick and thin. I wanted to pay homage to their love and to the time we first met them in their full youthful glory. A time when we all dared to dress to impress and felt we had the power to make a difference, a time when bands like the Specials, Clash, the Jam and Billy Bragg educated and politicised us and made us take to the streets to tell the government that the voice of the youth should be heard.”

The figures are 27cm in height, limited to just 500 units and are priced at £65. They are available to order now and will be shipping from 1st November.

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