A Christmas Message From Pete

Seasons greetings one and all!

Once again another year draws to a close, in what seems like an inordinately short space of time. At this rate I'll be getting my bus pass in a couple of years. 

It's been a year of vinyl for me - it’s been wonderful to rekindle my love for the beautiful piece of black plastic that has dominated the last 12 months.

Do you remember when Christmases would feature LPs as presents? The excited anticipation of wondering if your parents had managed to successfully buy the album you had asked for? Hoping not to open the wrapping to find that instead of Simple Minds you’d got Simply Red or instead of The Queen Is Dead you’d got Queen’s Greatest Hits. But oh, the joy if you got what you actually wanted! That precious piece of vinyl joined the small but steadily growing collection of records that would eventually grow to be a lasting legacy of your personality and soul.

I will never forget getting Madness' One Step Beyond for Christmas, the first album I could truly call my own. I drove my family mad playing it continually on Christmas day, so instead of Jim Reeves singing Silent Night, they were treated to 'In The Middle of Night' at full blast.

So as I wipe a nostalgic tear from my eye, I would like to wish you all a Merry Crimbo and a fantastic new year and thank you for your continued support. Your love is truly inspiring. 

And I hope you all get a Christmas snog. 

Pete x

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