Tea Life

Tea Life

Impress your guests with this stunning tea set, limited to 200 copies, with gold detailing and fabulous new designs by Pete McKee. Each set comes with a signed and numbered card by the artist. Circling the edge of the cups, saucers and teapot is an intricate teal and gold rose motif based on tattoo designs. Another nod to tattoo art is the "Tea Life" banner on one side of the cups. Both the teapot and cups feature different images related to tea drinking on either side, imbued with the artist's trademark humour and wit.

"I thought it'd be really funny to juxtapose the tradition and elegance of serving tea with these grumpy characters. 'Joy' who is on the cups was inspired by a painting I created back in 2005. I came up with a narrative based on the rare occasions I've found myself in a posh cafe with fancy tea sets and white linen, modelling itself on the Victorian tea rooms of yore.

Sometimes there would be a certain type of staff member, often someone young dressed in the full silver service clobber. They'd always look like they'd prefer to be in the town centre, listening to goth or emo music, than be at their Saturday job. It makes me smile how the rebellion of youth cannot be concealed behind pressed whites, frills and starch. The other character definitely has a few stories to tell. One thing for sure, you'll regret it if she catches you using a sugar spoon to stir your tea…”- Pete McKee. This tea set has now sold out

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