New Exhibition - No Words Required

A celebration of stories without words.

As a month of Sundays Gallery by Pete McKee marks it’s 5th birthday, we are over the moon to be able to announce details of our Summer group exhibition. No words required is a collection of silent comics put together by some of our artistic friends we have worked with over the last 5 years.

A silent comic is a story containing no words only images and expressive characters. Each story contains a beginning, middle and end but it is up to the viewer to interpret the story. 

As well as new work from over 20 artists, we are also pleased to be able to welcome our exhibition collaborators Page 45. 

Page 45 is a comic book shop based in Nottingham who will be helping us display some classic examples of silent comics from over the years. 

Pete McKee who has curated the show said:

“The art of story telling is never more purer than when you dispense with verbal dialogue and rely on the craft of the illustrator and the imagination of the viewer, The earliest known art found on cave walls, some 35,000 years ago depict stories of hunters pitting their wits against herds of bison. All done beautifully without the aid of words.

Ironically I grew up learning to read using comics but I also developed an understanding of how stories unfold visually. Usually ending up with the main protagonist either being hit with a slipper or enjoying a hamper full of food.

I wanted to share my love of the un-worded narrative and with the help of the incredible Page 45 comic shop in Nottingham have hand picked some of my favourite examples from previously published works as well as getting some incredibly wonderful artists to create new and individual pieces for the show.”

The artists displaying work within the exhibition are:

Paul Smith, Tom J Newell, Pete McKee, Kid Acne, Ian Anderson (The Designers Republic), Mick Marston and Dust, Steve Millington, Florence Blanchard, TADO, Lord Bunn, Jonathan Wilkinson, Peter and Paul, James Green, Human studio, Rckt, Nick Deakin, Jo Peel, Tony Husband and George Law

All work will be on display at a Month of Sundays Gallery in Sheffield from Saturday 1 August till Saturday 29 August. The show is suitable for all ages and entry is free.

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