Bellamy & Kent - Sheffield Landscapes

a Month of Sundays were delighted to present ‘Sheffield Landscapes’ a new exhibition by Bellamy & Kent, in 2012. It was a fusion of two disparate although complementary art forms; sculpture and photography. They have taken their ideas out into the community; into the restricted and sometimes prohibited areas of Sheffield where sculpture traditionally wouldn't ever be seen and photography is often neglected. 

Sculpture Simon Kent and photographer Jacqui Bellamy have combined these sculptures with a passion for imagery on iconic backstreets, such as the disused cutlery works and mundane shopping centre car-parks of Sheffield.These backdrops became an unorthodox gallery. 

Simon mainly works in wood, doing very large eye catching yet haunting sculptures, using just a chainsaw.

‘My work is stimulated by lots of things, from primitive art to everyday emotional and visual experience.’

Jacqui comes from a fine art background, having studied at Psalter Lane, and has worked for many years as a multi-media practitioner in Sheffield.

'When Simon approached me to collaborate on this project , I immediately jumped at the chance to work with him. I’ve admired his sculpture for a long time, I love the rawness of his work.'

Over time we became good friends, finding that we have similar ideas about art and landscape in Sheffield.’

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