Like The Steel Mills of Your Mind - A Brief McKee Retrospective

A Month of Sundays Gallery are pleased to announce details of our first ‘10 years of McKee’ events. On Saturday 14 February we will be opening ‘Like The Steel Mills of Your Mind’ a brief McKee retrospective. The exhibition is a look back at some of Pete’s favourite and unseen works from the last 10 years as an artist.

The exhibition will display some of the milestones in Pete’s career as an artist so far including his first ever painting, first exhibition and a recreation of his first painting table. The show will also feature collaborative work from over the years including Oasis, Paul Smith, Clarks, Warp Films and many others.

Pete said: “I can’t believe I have been doing this painting business for 10 years now. I thought it would be nice to show some work people haven’t seen before and tell the stories behind them. Thank you all for your wonderful support and here’s to another 10 years.”

‘Like The Steel Mills of Your Mind’ was a title taken from Pete’s first exhibition at the Washington Pub in 2005 so we decided to re-use it for this show.

The exhibition opens on Saturday 14 February till Saturday 25 April at A Month of Sundays Gallery in Sheffield and is free to visit.

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