The Joy Of Sheff

May 2013 saw the opening of ‘The Joy of Sheff’ exhibition, a one-day only event that drew 3000 visitors to the Blue Shed in Sheffield. Over 700 of those arrived via the 2p bus ride, an original 1960s bus that ran from the city centre to the exhibition and proved hugely popular throughout the day. Pete’s most successful exhibition to date was a celebration of all things Sheffield and those who live there, young and old, past and present;

‘Sheffielders are very proud of their city but also very self deprecating. This exhibition plays on both of those characteristics and will be very tongue in cheek. I want to play on the mythology of Sheffield, its proud heritage and its characters. It will be my last exhibition about Sheffield and so I want people who visit to feel they have witnessed something special. I want to put on a show.’

Alongside paintings and illustrations were unique sculptures, films and merchandise- including an exclusive Joy of Sheff ale- and where would McKee be without Henderson’s Relish? The most expensive bottle in the world, covered in diamantes, was sold at the exhibition. The centerpiece of the space was Joy, a life-size McKee character who now resides in A Month of Sundays. 

It was a wonderful day for everyone involved and a true homage to the city of Sheffield and its people. Pete was overjoyed by the response;

‘Saturday was a fantastic day, I've never experienced a turn out like it at any of my exhibitions. It was overwhelming. I hope everyone left with a big smile on their face'. 

Team McKee would love to thank everyone that came down to the exhibition. We couldn't have been happier, you helped make this event a great success.’

Work from this exhibition can be viewed here

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