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6 Weeks to Eternity


In 2016 this large interactive exhibition transported visitors back to a typical six week holiday in the 1970s... Read more about this

The Joy Of Sheff


The Joy of Sheff opened for one day in May 2013 and was the first large-scale exhibition by Pete McKee, drawing in 3,000 visitors... Read more about this

Fox Valley Mural

Street art

​In 2015 Pete was commissioned to paint a mural for the Fox Valley shopping centre in Stocksbridge that opened the year after. His brief was to create a design that celebrated the site’s rich heritage... Read more about this

The Snog

Street art

In 2013 The Snog mural was painted in Sheffield on the side of Fagan’s pub and has now become one of the city’s must see landmarks... Read more about this

Clarks Shoes


In 2011 Clarks approached Pete and asked him to design an image for a limited edition version of their classic Desert Boot... Read more about this


Street art

​During the summer of 2016 the city of Sheffield became a veritable safari when it was filled with fifty-eight elephants... Read more about this

This Class Works


Open for 16 days during the summer of 2018 the THIS CLASS WORKS exhibition drew in over 10,000 visitors and was a resounding success... Read more about this