Typical Wednesday T-Shirt

Introducing Pete McKee’s ‘Typical Wednesday’ t-shirt, ‘celebrating over 150 years of hurt’. Inspired by a classic 1970s football shirt design, Pete has created his own exasperated owl logo and ‘McKee’ manufacturer’s logo.

Made from a soft jersey material with a slight stretch, this unisex t-shirt is digitally printed, cut and stitched in the UK. Priced at £25.

Available in sizes XS to 7XL, these t-shirts will be available to purchase for a limited time only! At 10am Monday the 28th of June the t-shirts will be available to pre-order on the McKee website until they are taken offline at 5pm Monday the 5th of July. They will be located in the McKee website’s ‘New in Shop’ section.

PLEASE NOTE that these shirts cannot be bought at the McKee gallery as they are only available for pre-order. Shipping and collect in store from the McKee gallery will commence the first week of August, however please note that it may take 2-3 weeks from the beginning of August to receive your t-shirt.

“Save for a handful of instances, the woes of following my beloved team haven’t really changed and our skill of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory is all too common for us long suffering fans. Back in the day when I was drawing cartoons for ‘A View from the East Bank’ I even created an exasperated version of the club badge for the fanzine’s logo. I’ve taken this slice of my football fanboy history and given it a polish up to ‘celebrate over 150 years of disappointment.’" - Pete McKee