THIS CLASS WORKS a new exhibition from Pete McKee

Pete McKee Presents This Class Works: An exploration and celebration of the working class


14 - 29 JULY 2018

Pete is pleased to announce details of his latest exhibition. This Class Works offers a personal perspective on the work and life of the working class. Pete draws on his own background which forms the subject of this new collection, offering an insight into the artist’s history and experience of the world he grew up in.

‘This work aims to celebrate the spirit of the working class; the pride, tenacity, hope, fight, passion and resourcefulness which I witnessed growing up. I was raised on a council estate and was the youngest of four children. My dad was a steel worker and my mum a factory line worker. Everyone around us was as poor as we were, practically everything in our house was bought on the never never, half my clothes didn’t fit and the other half had been previously worn by someone else.

I look back on those times fondly and remember how our persistence and unfailing hope that “something better was around the corner” helped us to survive. This exhibition aims to highlight the strength, dignity and humility of the community in which I grew up in.’

Pete McKee

Alongside new work from Pete this collaborative exhibition will feature the work of several other artists, film makers, writers and photographers who offer their own perspectives and experiences of growing up in a working class environment.

This Class Works will be exhibited inside a former spring factory, located at 92 Burton Road in Sheffield. This large warehouse space is located just outside the city centre and is surrounded by smaller factories which still thrive today.

The exhibition will run for 16 days only and visitors will need to book an allotted time slot to visit the exhibition. Tickets go on sale this Friday the 23rd February at 10am from the exhibition website. The ticket price also includes a free copy of the exhibition programme.

Please visit for full details of the exhibition.