Pete's Christmas Message 2019

Somebody on twitter once asked me “What did you want for Christmas but never got?” My answer was, whatever presents my mates got. For some reason they all seemed to get better presents than me. I think my dad always left it too late to go to Redgates. I’d wake up on Christmas morning and start opening presents to the invariable sound of my dad’s running commentary;

“They di’n’t have what you asked for but they said this was just as popular...I di’n’t realise it needed batteries, you’ll have to wait ‘till newsagents opens in a couple of days...Ted from the club reckons his lad thinks it’s better than action man...” and so on.

I quietly protested my initial disappointment by leaving these gifts unplayed with under the Christmas tree for a couple of days, and would instead consume an entire selection box whilst I waited for my mates to call round on their shiny new Chopper, holding a leather Casey football and the latest action man with gripping hands. To be honest it wasn’t that bleak but I did have my fare share of “close but no cigar” moments.

Fortunately, one thing I could always rely on, which didn’t require my dad to be a millionaire, was the love of my family, the sweets and the ace Christmas dinner I ate whilst enduring the itchiness of the jumper that my Nan had got me for Christmas, wearing it as it was the polite thing to do.

I’m so grateful to say that this Christmas I’m now back to full health and raring to go next year with a big exhibition of new work.

Thank you once again for your kind words of love and support. Farewell 2019. Now let’s give the ‘20s a good kick!

Big love

Pete, Mrs M and the McKee gang xx