Oasis X McKee - New Print for London store

Commemorative poster for this classic Oasis live show at the Hacienda is available on line now.

Pete is delighted to announce details of this special collaboration with Oasis. After asking Noel for some suggestions on an iconic gig from the past he suggested the 1994 definitely maybe album launch party. This is just one of three special collaborations Pete has worked on for the London store.

Pete said “It has been fantastic to work on this special print for this classic Oasis gig. The last time I worked on a project like this with the band was the commemorative Brighton poster back in 2008. I have tried to recreate something that is very McKee and also very reminiscent of the venue and the iconic graphics the Hacienda was famous for”.

120 of these limited edition screen prints are available. Each print is signed and numbered by Pete and priced at £150.