Help save the Art House, Muriel's home!

Hey all! Are you familiar with Pete’s mural ‘Muriel’ in Sheffield’s town centre? You may have walked by it or even seen it on social media. What you may not know is that ‘Muriel’ wouldn’t have existed without the help of the Art House, whose building it is painted on. Founded in 2015, the Art House is a charity who uses art as a way of offering support and a creative outlet for people who struggle with mental health difficulties.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the Art House has had to close its doors for the foreseeable future. When open, they offer art and well-being programmes to people from marginalised groups, including individuals with autism, brain injuries and early onset dementia within Sheffield and surrounding South Yorkshire communities. Available are classes on pottery, painting and drawing techniques which help give the participants the confidence to learn new skills and aid them with individual recovery and progression paths.

As the Art House currently can’t open to the public they are unable to raise vital funds from their cafe, room and exhibition hire and from commercial events, such as classes for adults and children. We understand this is a difficult time for everyone, but if it is possible to make a donation, no matter how small, then this will help make sure that the Art House can continue as a charity and to avoid closing their doors forever. If you can’t donate then we would be so grateful if you could share this with others and spread the word about this amazing charity by forwarding on this news page or by sharing their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages to others.

It is so important that when we come out the other side of this pandemic, we’ve retained the places that light up our communities, help those who need it the most and make the world a bit more colourful.

Art House Auction: Opportunity to own work by your favourite artists

Don't forget to keep an eye out on the Art House's social media channels (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) for updates on The Big Yorkshire Art Auction on Saturday 30th May where you can bid on donated works from local artists including Pete McKee, Joe Scarborough, Karin Hessenberg, Coralie Turpin, Lyn Hodnett, James Green and many more. This an amazing opportunity to own fabulous artwork by well known and loved artists whilst raising money for charity. Win win!