'Game On' - New Limited Edition Print!

Released at 10am this September the 24th, Pete's new limited edition print Game On is a follow up to his hugely popular 2017 limited edition print Station to Station which has since sold out. Signed and numbered by the artist, this print is limited to 150 and printed on 200gsm accent smooth glacier white G.F Smith paper. Measuring 50cm x 70cm this print is priced at £165 unframed and £245 framed.

Highly collectable, Game On will transport you to the '80s, a time when casual fashion and culture was at its height. This print features some of Pete's favourite casual footwear, with the Gazelle and Borg Elites making a reappearance but given more of a spotlight this time round. New footwear also includes the Malmo, Dublin, Jeans, and Cortez trainers, as well the Samba and Trimm Trabs in a new colourways.

Emerging in the late '70s, there are some who believe the origins of this subculture stemmed from Liverpool fans attending away football games in Europe who came back with a taste for highly fashionable French and Italian sportswear.

Vice magazine writes that casual culture and fashion can be regarded as a: "spiritual heir to the Mod movement of the previous decade. Both afforded working-class youngsters in Britain a social space to engage with fashion, this at a time when there was still much stigma born of the tension between traditional masculinity and having an interest in new styles and designer clothes."

Pete, who has always been fascinated by subcultures within music and fashion states that: “A movement requires movement, a shoe to get you from A to B in style. Casuals had a pair for every colour scheme and occasion. Perfect for an afternoon on the terrace followed by some brisk exercise and ending with an evening down the pub. The casual movement was rare because it wasn’t about music, what unified its participants was a love of football, European sportswear and standing out in style.”

Original painting

Also available at 10am September 24th is the original Game On painting. Measuring 56cm x 81cm framed, this stunning and unique artwork makes a wonderful decorative addition to any fine art collector's home.

For any enquiries about either the Game On limited edition print or the original painting then please just give us a call on:
0114 263 1000 or email us at pete@petemckee.com.