Eight New Paintings

We are delighted to announce that Pete's latest exhibition 'Eight New Paintings' is now open online. This new collection of work introduces the artist's new style of painting and is the first show since Pete's sell-out 2018 'This Class Works' exhibition.

Earlier this year Pete and his gallery team installed the exhibition at Sheffield's Millennium Gallery, the intended location for this show. The paintings and the space they were displayed in were filmed and photographed in case local lockdown restrictions meant we couldn't open the doors to visitors as intended this December. As much as Pete was looking forward to welcoming you all to the gallery to see the work in person, he hopes you enjoy viewing the work in this online exhibition just as much.

The 'Eight New Paintings' website features all the works from this show and their accompanying stories written by Pete, with additional notes from our gallery curator. Also available is an interview with Pete about the collection. Finally, the 'Eight New Paintings shop is now open on this website.