A message about Pete’s recent operation

Recently Pete was admitted to hospital for a life saving liver transplant, he had not been well for some time and two years ago he was diagnosed with end stage liver disease, known more commonly as cirrhosis. The condition was caused by a rare genetic condition called Alpha 1 antitrypsin deficiency. Obviously the diagnosis meant a massive change in Pete’s lifestyle and perspective, he instantly gave up drinking and had to make changes to his diet and eating patterns.

The condition gradually deteriorated to the point where he was added to the transplant list and where just a few weeks ago he had the operation. We are pleased to say that the operation was a success and although it is early days he is doing well and currently recovering at home.

During this time Pete’s gallery ‘a Month of Sundays’ will remain open however there may be the odd closure from time-to-time so please check the ‘visit us’ section for up to date opening hours. All online orders will be processed as usual however there may be a slight delay on limited edition products, as some of them will need to be signed by Pete. If you are unsure please email store@petemckee.com.

If you are interested in finding out more about Pete’s experience and his recovery he has set up a personal blog where you can find out more.

Pete’s life was saved because of the NHS donor register. If you would like to join the register then please visit their website.

Thank you

Team McKee