8 New Paintings

We are delighted to announce Pete McKee's ‘Eight New Paintings’ exhibition which will be exhibited online from the 9th of December up until the New Year. Lockdown permitting, we are also hoping to hold a physical exhibition at Sheffield's Millennium Gallery from the 9th-13th of December. For more information on both versions of the exhibition and how to book free tickets for the Millennium Gallery please click here to visit the official ‘Eight New Paintings’ website.

The exhibition will allow the public to view Pete’s new body of work for the first time, which continues to reflect his interest in exploring working-class life, nostalgia, and social and political themes, in a completely new way.

Pete McKee says: “I’m so excited to reveal my new style in this exhibition. Since This Class Works, my last exhibition in 2018, I began experimenting with how I could use my materials differently so I could evolve my work. I realised that the black lines I often use had become a boundary and I wanted to see what would happen if I took them away, and it changed everything.”