Welcome! To make things as easy as possible we’ve compiled a list of answers to our frequently asked questions. If you have any questions that aren’t covered below then please feel free to call us on 0114 2631000 or email us at pete@petemckee.com

Q: Does Pete do personal commissions?

A: Unfortunately Pete no longer does personal commissions, such as bespoke sketches, drawings or paintings. Although he used to take on a handful of commissions for customers each year, this eventually became too difficult to balance alongside his ever increasing workload. Pete is constantly working on new and exciting projects he’d like to share with you and wants to dedicate as much time to this as he can. However, if you are interested in working on a collaborative project then please get in touch.

Q: Does Pete do signings or dedications?

A: Sadly we cannot facilitate signings or dedications from the artist. We are so lucky to be inundated with daily requests for signings, however, it would be logistically impossible to organise all of them, especially as Pete doesn’t work at the gallery and is usually hauled up in his studio, with his dog Eric, working on the next big thing.

Q: Can I personalise, alter or add something to McKee prints, posters or products?

A: We’re afraid that we cannot alter, add or personalise any of our products. They can only be purchased as they appear in our online shop and in our gallery.

Q: Can I bring back a print, poster etc. I previously purchased at the McKee gallery to have it framed?

A: Absolutely. No matter how long ago you bought your print, poster or limited edition, you can always bring it back to us for framing, all you’ll need to do is pay the difference. Our framer is based locally and everything he frames is made bespoke and to order.

Q: I’ve seen you offer black or white frames. Can you frame something for me in a specific colour?

A: As we want to get everything 100% right for you, we only offer the frames that you can see on our website and in our gallery. If you want anything framed in a different colour or with a different mount to what we offer, we recommend you take your print to your local framer or are happy to recommend one for you.

Q: I want to frame one of your prints/posters/limited editions myself. What size do I need?

A: When framing something from the McKee gallery yourself please refer to the unframed dimensions of the artwork which appear below all the prints, posters etc. online. The size of the frame should be the same dimensions of the unframed print.

Q: I’ve seen a McKee image outside the McKee gallery but it’s not available to purchase on your website. Where can I find it?

A: Pete has been working as an artist for over 15 years and has created a large body of work. To keep both the online and gallery shop streamlined we have carefully curated a selection of prints. Usually anything that doesn’t appear here is no longer for sale. However, if you would like to double check, please email us at pete@petemckee.com with as much information as you can, preferably including a picture of the image you are referring to. This way we can give you an answer as quickly as possible.

Q: Do you have a mailing list?

A: Yes! By joining our mailing list you will receive updates on our product launches, exhibitions and events; basically all of our exciting stuff! To join just go to our homepage, scroll down to our ‘Fan Club’ section and add your email.

Q: Can you donate a product/s or create artwork for charitable events?

A: Due to the large amount of daily requests we get for donations, we are sadly unable to facilitate this. As we get so many requests each day it would be impossible for us to help out with every single one. Therefore we unfortunately have to say no to everyone as we feel it would be unfair to say yes to a select few and no to others.

Pete works closely with several charities each year. He is patron of Artfelt; who use art to provide child friendly settings at Sheffield Children’s Hospital and help young patients feel more comfortable, as well as offering workshops. Pete is also an ambassador for Teenage Cancer Trust and has worked with them for over seven years, producing limited edition prints and merchandise which have raised almost £250,000 so far.

Q: Do you do gift vouchers?

A: Yes! Our gift vouchers make great gifts as we have so much to choose from. They don’t have an expiry date either which allows the holder to take their time choosing what they want. We offer both online gift cards and in store gift cards.

Q: Is Pete’s dog Eric, his tiny Chihuahua companion cute?

A: Yes. One hundred percent yes.