'Hole In The Road Fish Tank' Limited Edition Screen Print

£380.00 - Sold Out

Screen printed on Cairn Greyboard paper
Edition of 10
£380 unframed


The ‘Hole In The Road’ is one of those pieces of civic architecture that quickly out grows its welcome, gets demolished then becomes a lost icon that we all have stories about. For me as a young kid it was seen as a treat to go to the hole in the road and look at the fish in the tank. As we all know that wasn’t as straight forward as it sounds, as the water was murky and the fish murkier still. I can’t imagine the fish liked it all that much, having hundreds of kids tapping on the glass trying to summon the attention of a miserable aquatic Sheffield resident, with a face like a grinder’s thumb.

The original painting was exhibited as part of my ‘22 Views Of Sheffield’ show launched at the Bowery in 2008. For this re-print I wanted to choose a paper that reflected the brutalist architecture movement that the Sheffield council embraced in the 60’s.

Dimensions: 60x60cm Approx

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