Pete McKee presents... Pub Scrawl


Pete McKee Presents... PUB SCRAWL 2012

For one night only in January Pete McKee brings you art in pubs... a pub crawl like no other.

Pub scrawl 2012 will showcase ten of Pete’s favourite artists with ten of Sheffield’s finest watering holes.

Warp Films, Nick Deakin, Lord Bunn, Ian Anderson/tDR, Geo, Sarah Abbott, Tado, Fauagraphic, Fine and Dandy and Tom J Newell will be exhibiting in one venue each on the big night, Friday 20 January.

The event runs as a pub crawl and the venues included are: The University Arms, The Harley, The Bath Hotel, The Bowery, The Washington, Forum, The Frog and Parrot, The Great Gatsby, Bungalows and Bears and Dada’s. We will be keeping who is exhibiting in which venue a secret until the night of the event.

Each artist will create artwork in their designated venue, using it as a canvas. This could be anything from hanging a picture on the wall to a visual installation. Each venue promises to be different from the last creating a unique art experience across the city.

“I’ve set up a series of exhibitions by a selection of Sheffield artists who I admire, who inspire me, and keep me on my toes. I’ve asked ten artists to participate in a pub crawl of ten hostelries. Each artist is given a separate pub to work with, for one night only. The fantastic thing is the enthusiasm that the artists have had for the project, and the desire to push their own boundaries and try something out of the ordinary.”

Pete McKee

How to get involved
Create your own Pub crawl, going to all ten venues or just selecting your favourites. All the venues will be free to enter on the night. Opening and closing times will be posted before the event and the special edition programme designed by Pete will be available from all the bars involved on the night too.

The event is free and no tickets are required to take part.

You will also be happy to hear that the event is sponsored by Thornbridge Brewery who are launching a special ale for the event. ‘Scrawl’ will be available from venues through out the event.

Happy Scrawling