New McKee exhibition heading to London soon

“Great Moments in Popular Music” is a wry look at the events in rock ’n’ roll that shaped our lives and inspired people to form bands and make history.

As well as retelling tales of vinyl gods and goddesses, the exhibition also takes a look at our own fandom – the clothes, the hairstyles.

“What interests me more is not that the Rolling Stones are the biggest rock ’n’ roll band in the world, but that, once, they were spotty teenagers with greasy hair and a dream.”

In my piece “Jimi Starts a Fire” it’s not the flaming guitar that gets the spotlight but the corner shop selling the lighter fuel.

“My wardrobe is a throwback to the ’50s, my house has ’60s furniture, my formative memories are from the ’70s and I tried to be a rock star in the ’80s. And, through all this, music has shaped my life. So here is my homage to the wonderful and mesmerising world of popular music.”

As part of this exhibition I want to do something unique. I want to take people on a journey by documenting the whole creative process of producing an exhibition – from the original concept for the exhibition to the final painting, and everything in between. This will be done as part of a regular blog update featuring sketches, musings and video clips.

This is my first exhibition in London. As a celebration I have teamed up with British fashion icon and all round good gent Paul Smith to create a special LTD edition bag for the exhibition. Further details will be announced soon.

Great Moments in Popular music will be on display at SNAP galleries in London from 10 September - 29 October.
SNAP Galleries, piccadilly Arcade, London​.uk